Monday, May 12, 2014

Northern Utah Family Photographer ~ Childs family

 Oh my, I'm behind.

First of all, I love this family.  I have photographed them a few times, and it's always so much fun to see them again.  They wanted to take a few photo's before adding to their family once again, so we set out on a winter afternoon.

Our first stop was to a "bookstore".  We showed up (neither of us having been there before) and found that it was nothing like we were expecting, so we ended up leaving after taking only about 4 photo's.  We drove up to Beus pond and hopped out of the car.  It was FREEZING.  Poor little Ender was a popsicle after only about 10 minutes.  And let me ask you all a question:

Have you been to Beus pond in the winter?  Those ducks and geese are HUNGRY and will 

So if you are creeped out with birds, I wouldn't recommend making the trip in wintertime.

I feel like we captured some cute photo's before hopping into the car for our next location.

PS ~ Nicole, you would never know you were only about a day away from delivering. ;)  You look amazing.

We drove over to the local city library and had ourselves a little play-time.  Ender was thrilled.

I really love these two.


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