Monday, October 22, 2012

The Barlow Family

How do I begin?  I've known this beautiful girl since we were....what 13?  We've gone though swapping Banana Republic tee-shirts, talking about boys, driving aimlessly around our hometown with nothing to do, running track, and making some pretty ah-mazing treats at her house during those late nighters.

It was so much fun to meet her family.  She's got 2 beautiful kids, and a fun husband to boot.  They were up for pretty much anything.  I was super excited to shoot in a new makes me grow as a photographer....and I think it went really well.  We had a LOT of fun.  Thank you Barlow's.




This photo was the result of me saying, "Okay, now lean over and give your Mom a kiss."  Ha!!

I caught her looking at those sparkly shoes a FEW times.  Wouldn't you love to be young again with some shoes like that?!

I told this cute little girl that she could come home with me after the photo session.....that she'd have plenty of kids to play with at our house........she didn't go for it.

This is how the kids passed time while I stole away their parents for some shots....ha!


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