Saturday, October 1, 2011

{Jessica} ~ Bridals

Usually you'll see the bridal photo's BEFORE the wedding....but not here! I could say it's because I like to do things a bit un-conventinally and I love to be different....


It's mainly because I forgot. Yep, I realized today that I never did post these. I couldn't have THAT, now could I? (I'm blaming the fact that I have 5 kids now. Can ya' blame me?!)

So enjoy these beautiful photo's of Jessica. She was stunning. And the only photoshop applied to most of these was to watermark them. Yep....she's just naturally that gorgeous.

OH, and one more thing. This car? It's her Dad's. He completely restored it himself. I was UBER impressed. Yes, uber. I think he said it took him 10 years to finally finish it. Seriously ~ amazing.

A bit o' drama ~ Nichole Van inspired.

Thank you Jessica! You're stunning.


alananddanielle said...

Awesome, my talented friend, awesome!

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