Sunday, December 7, 2014

Tylyr and Josh ~ Engaged!! // Northern Utah Wedding Photographer // Northern Utah Engagement Photographer

In a last-ditch effort to catch up....I'm now furiously working through some of my recent work from the past 3 months.  It has been crazy, but oh, so much fun.

First up are Tylyr and Josh.  I was so honored (seriously, HONORED) to be asked to be their photographer for their wedding.  I love this family so much, and don't think I could have been more excited.  

Both Tylyr and Josh wanted autumn colors in their photo's.  At the time of photographing, the colors really hadn't reached close to our home, so we all took a drive up to Monte Cristo.  I love that place, and it was well worth the drive.  The colors were amazing, and we all had so much fun.  My husband wouldn't let us start a camp fire (because of the high breeze) ~ darn it ~ but we improvised, and I loved the end result.  

Enjoy, and stay tuned for more from this cute couple.


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