Friday, June 7, 2013

Brittney and Grant ~ Married.

 This wedding was awesome.  I had never been to Sleepy Ridge Golf Course, so I was a little nervous.  Can you believe how beautiful it is?!  Even the lighting inside is gorgeous.  So when you combine a gorgeous venue with a gorgeous bride ~ you get.......well........a photographers dream.

I met Brittney and Grant for the first time on their wedding day.  They were so much fun.  You could just SEE how in love they were.  They have great sense of humor's and it really was a blast to hang out with them and their family for a few hours.  Have I mentioned their kids?  What a cute family.  Thank you Brittney and Grant.  It was a pleasure.

Brittney's Mom helping into her dress.  Her Mom actually made this dress.  It was GORGEOUS.

This is Brittney's Grandfather.  He had the privilege to marry Brittney and Grant.  Her Grandfather also blessed Brittney as a baby, and baptized her at age 8.  What a blessing it is to have him a part of her wedding day as well.

I love this moment between daddy and daughter.






Nikkie said...

gorgeous couple. gorgeous photos

Emily said...

Thanks Nikkie. I appreciate it for sure. :)

lieslbmarie said...

WOW!! Amazing Emily....some of the most beautiful wedding photos I have ever seen. Certainly captured their forever perfectly!

Emily said...

Thank you so much Liesl!

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