Friday, February 10, 2012

{52 week project}

For those of you following my facebook page I started a project for this coming up year. It's a 52 week project. Each week I'm given a theme. I then try to take a photo that relates to the theme given. I'm already up to week 6 and realized that I haven't posted any of the photo's here on my blog ~ so I decided to quickly share them with you. I hope you enjoy!

Week 1/52

Obviously we have sharing issues at our house. Gage's idea of sharing is basically "Hoard as many cars as you can so your brother can't have ANY." Yep. I love those chubby hands of his.

Week 2/52

I am a Mom, a wife, and a photographer. I have a million different things pulling me in a million different directions. I feel as though I have a responsibility to be true to myself, to keep my values and priorities in line. I need to set a great example for my children.

Week 3/52
Negative Space

I love this little girl.

Week 4/52
Unexpected Perspective

Oh man I struggled this week. I feel as though as a photographer my job is to see that unexpected perspective. I pretty much over-thought this photo. I had a brain cramp trying to take an unexpected perspective shot of that unexpected perspective that I always try to do in the first place. Does your head hurt yet!? Anyway, I'm not happy with this photo. Ah and learn, right?

Week 5/52
Self Portrait

Yay. I love self portraits. (pssh!) I felt ripped off because I already did one of these...but oh well. Here is cute Gage and myself having a small tickle fight one afternoon. He's cute.

Week 6/52

I love the small details in this photo. Her laugh lines around her mouth, the stray hairs framing her face, and her hands that are always dry and cracked. I love this girl.

(I couldn't decide which "linear" shot I liked best...I like the idea of trying to incorporate my children and family each week so that's why I chose the above photo...but something about this one speaks to me as well. So here's two for this week. Ta da!)


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