Monday, January 17, 2011

{ Great to be Eight ~ My cute Morgan}

Here it is. The finished book. Of course I'm not going to post the ENTIRE thing, but these are my favorite pages of the whole thing. If you are interested in this for your own 8 year old, see my pricing. If not, just enjoy the photo's. This was a lot of fun to create.


Lauren Graff said...

LOVE IT!!! Me and my girl friend at work are so impressed! We should be fired for how long we have been on your site! This turned out so cute Emily! Morgan is so cute too! love it.

Emily said...

Lauren you crack me up. I need to hire you to sit at my house and tell me good things non-stop. You sure know how to make a girl feel good...ya know? Thanks.

Erin Ropelato said...

CUTE!! CUTE!! CUTE!! I love it! It turned out so beautiful!!

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