Tuesday, June 8, 2010

{Great to be Eight}

I am now going to offer a "Great to be Eight" photo package. This package will include 3 separate photo sessions with me, your high resolution pictures on disc after wards, and this beautiful 12x12 hard-bound photo book.

Your baptism book will have a page for each letter of the alphabet. Some pictures will be the same book to book ~ such as the "A is for Accountable" page which has a picture of a birthday cake. The examples shown below are from a book I just finished, and are only SOME of my favorites. If purchasing this package, we will meet and decide on the photo's you would like, and any changes, if any, you would like to make. For example, we changed "I is for Immersion" to "I is for 'I like to look for Rainbows'" because of the special meaning of that particular song.

We would need about a month to a month and a half to finish this project, so please plan ahead.

I will always strive to make each individual book unique ~ and with your help we will make this project a huge success. If you are interested, please email me for pricing information.

Front Cover

Cover Page

A is for Accountable

B is for Baptism

D is for Daddy

E is for Eternity

H is for Holy Ghost

I is for "I like to look for Rainbows"

J is for Jesus Christ

K is for Knock

M is for Memories

N is for New Dress

O is for Obedience

P is for Priesthood

Q is for Questions

S is for Strength

U is for Unspotted

X is for eXample

Z is for Zzzz's

Back Cover


Stark Images said...

Wow Emily, you did a great job with that. I love it.

alananddanielle said...


Josh and Dallas said...

Emily! FABULOUS job! What talent. I am not surprised that it is from you, just completely amazed and loving all your work! wonderful job! I hope to find some 8 year olds to send your way so they might have this treasure! Think, think, think!

melissa said...

wow--that book is beautiful! What a lot of work. The pictures look gorgeous.

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